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Dinora Santana got married to soccer player Dani Alves in 2008. They have two children. Dinora Santana’s married life continued for three years, then the couple determined for separation and the relation ended in divorce in 2011. Dani confirmed about their divorce but the actual reason behind divorce of the couple are not known.

Now Dinora Santana is back as an agent of Barcelona. In the interview with Cadena SER Cataluña’s ¡Qué te juegas!’ on Tuesday Dinora Santana deliberated disappointment and also she felt astonishing that Barcelona has not made any explanation to keep Alves’ services. She further explained that she is no more waiting for Barcelona to come over either. Dinora exposed that they are searching for a new club for Brazilian when his contract will expire in the coming June because from Catalan side there is nothing communicated to them.

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Dinora further revealed that they haven’t made any contact with them and also as Barca, she doesn’t want Alves’ that why she will look for another club. Alves’ agent more added as a business point of view that Barcelona are poorly moving and they are leaving the defender for free.  

It was revealed by Dinora Santana that Alves’ is sad about the latitude, and he expects an exceptional offer from the club and it has, until the last hour, hoping to be able to stop over the club after summer.

Dinora Santana did not expose the names of two clubs, which are already making the Brazilian offer, she only explained that they both play in the Champions League, and also she exposed that player would acquire to miner wages in Barcelona. 

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Dinora also exposed that for the approaching presidential election she has already spoken with the pre-candidate of Barcelona, and surely they would be accommodating to offer the Brazilian some exceptional.

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