Meet David Luiz girlfriend, the Gorgeous Sara Madeira

david luiz girlfriend

David Luiz Moreira Marinho, known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian professional Soccer Player. He born on 22 April 1987 in Brazil. Luiz plays for Chelsea and Brazil National Team. David Luiz is engaged to a girl from the last few months and hoped for marriage within the year. David Luiz girlfriend is the Gorgeous and loving named Sara Madeira.

First meeting of David Luiz and Sara Madeira

Sara Madeira was born on 24 June 1990, she speaks natal Portuguese and English. 23 years old, Sara Madeira and Luiz met since their teenage since then they are together. They met for the first time several years ago, while Luiz was playing for Portuguese side Benfica between 2007-11. They both met in their teenage and fell in love, they spent a lot of time together. They often visited their friends and relatives. From their numerous pictures of different journeys, it is clear that they are a happy couple and true lovers.

David Luiz girlfriend is busy working towards becoming a dentist

Sara Madeira is Portuguese student, busy working towards becoming a dentist. According to information she always wants to be involved in health, which makes her very happy. She also loves to work with children, Sara is a proud dog owner and lover. She follows with excitement all matches of Luiz to support him. When Luiz can’t join her, she always gives him the update.

The super Brazilian Luiz revealed he’s still Virgin

No doubt David Luiz has a beautiful, and loving sweetheart. The super Brazilian Soccer player David Luiz revealed he’s still Virgin and will remain until getting married. The sizzling couple has been engaged only for a few months, and hope to get married within the year.

Meet David Luiz girlfriend

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