Eden Hazard Wife Natasha Hazard Photos

Eden Hazard with Natasha and Son

Natasha Hazard Eden Hazard’s Wife is a charming lady. Natasha Van Honacker born in Belgium. Nice, beautiful and loving Natasha Hazard is very shy and likes privacy from her early age. Even people knew about her for the first time when she was only with her football player boyfriend Eden Hazard.

Natasha Hazard and Eden Hazard’s Love story

As information from different websites tell that Natasha Hazard met Eden Hazard in Belgium, in her school age and they fell in love at first sight. They were together since she was 14 years old. From the school age their love story born and they start dating. Later Eden graduated and then he went for WAG soccer league’s training. Natasha also graduated and she followed her future husband there they start living together in a flat when they were 18 years old. Their love story became stronger and later resulted in their marriage in 2012. Natasha and Eden have two children. On December 19, 2010, Natasha gave birth to her first son Yannis and in February 2013 she gave birth to her second son Leo. At the birth of their first son Eden was 19 years old.

Eden Hazard being a Husband

Eden Hazard is a loving husband and feels very happy spending time with his loving wife Natasha Hazard and his beloved sons. He is 23 years old and has attained international success and fame in the team, Chelsea FC (ENG).

Natasha’s likings

Natasha Hazard loves to make pizzas with amazing ingredients. Natasha loves book reading, playing chess and badminton and traveling, her favorite place is New York. At her high school age, she was also a soccer player.

Present Life activities of Natasha

Currently, Natasha Hazard has no career and is a full time loving mother for her two sons and a lovely wife of Eden Hazard. As her husband can earn a lot so, she doesn’t need to do anything except enjoying her life with her husband and two sons. With all her responsibilities she arranges the time for outing with her sons and husband. She is a great supporter of her husband and encourages Eden Hazard at his matches. She gets attention because of her husband as he is a famous celebrity, but Natasha likes privacy and she doesn’t use any social media account like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Eden Hazard Wife Natasha Hazard Photos:

Eden Hazard with Natasha and Son


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