Meet Florent Malouda Wife the Energetic Florencia Malouda

Florencia Malouda

Florencia Malouda is the wife of Florent Johan Malouda who is a French professional Soccer Player and plays as a left winger for Indian club Delhi Dynamos. Florencia Malouda’s hubby was born on 13 June 1980.

Florent and Florencia Malouda’s Marriage

The couple got married in 2003. Florencia Malouda is a Guyanese national. Aaron Florencia Malouda is a French lady. The couple has four children three daughters and one son. Their first daughter Kelys was born in 2001, second daughter Satya in 2003, third daughter Flora on 30 November 2005 and the fourth son was born on 22 May 2010.

Florent Malouda’s Love towards His Family

Florent Malouda is a loving and caring hubby of Florencia and a great father of his four children. The couple loves each other very much and is spending a happy married life. Florencia Malouda’s hubby was leaving France’s pre-World Cup training camp on Friday to be with her when she was expecting their fourth child.

Some Annotations of Florent Malouda towards His Family

Florent is very possessive towards his family while sitting at Cobham, talking eloquently he said that “I’m a father and husband first and after that a footballer,”

Further, he said that “My family is my best judge. Just after the Community Shield, when we lost against Man U, I came home and my four-year-old son (Aaron) was crying. That affected me more than the game”.

He commented about Florencia Malouda:

“When we conceded the goal at Man City, my wife (Florencia Malouda) told me he started crying. That’s the biggest pressure I’ve got. My oldest daughter (Kelys) is nine, in school with kids who support other teams, so she says: ‘Daddy, you have to win!’ It’s funny but it shows me the responsibilities I have in my career! It affects my family.”

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