Vivian Guglielmetti and Robinho’s marriage after 12 years of courtship

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Robson de Souza is a Brazilian football player his nick name Robinho, he is famous with his nick name. Robinho got married on July 9, 2009 with Vivian Guglielmetti the girlfriend of his childhood. Robinho is well known for his extraordinary speed, ball controlling, and attacking aptitude. He plays for Brazil national team and Series a club Milan as forward and winger.

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Vivian Guglielmetti is also a Brazilian she born in Brazil. She is an attractive lady. She had love affair with a highest-paid (£160,000 a week) football player Robinho from 12 years. Robinho fixed the tangle with Vivian Guglielmetti at Casa Grand Hotel in Guaruja, Brazil, with a 19 month old son Robson. The marriage ceremony was held with very pomp and show. It was an amazing sight in Casa Grand Hotel on Manchester City Star Robinho’s marriage party, many famous celebrities joined them on their wedding ceremony. Kaka also joined Vivian Guglielmetti and Robinho’s marriage ceremony. Vivian Guglielmetti and Robinho set a unique example on their wedding ceremony, they requested the guests to pay some donation rather than giving a gift which they definitely don’t wish.

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Vivian Guglielmetti and Robinho have two boy children. Vivian Guglielmetti gave birth to her first son Robson Jr on 17 December 2007 in Santos. On 20 April 2011 she gave birth to her second son Gianluca in Sao Paulo.

Vivian Guglielmetti doesn’t have career. She is a loving mother and wife. She has handled her fame to keep it small and wants to spend a normal life as she manages her privacy. Vivian Guglielmetti and Robinho who are together for 8 years have been seen in a private Spanish Function, attended by two guests only. Smiles on their faces showed they played a complete blinder that week.

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